Beccy Blogs: Summer is coming, look busy!

Afternoon all,

My mum has told me how appalling my grammar is (spelt that wrong, oh the irony. Note: Grammar not grammer), apparently there are somethings that even spell check can’t help. So I can only apologise in advance (fairly sure this is an excessive use of full stops) if you are currently crying at my failure grasp basic SAT’s level SPAG.


I thought I might actually write a blog that is a helpful events. Well, I’m going to try to be helpful anyway.

Beccy’s Top Five Tips for a Fandabby Summer Party (it was going to be Ten but hey, I’m not that good…yet!)

  1. Come on, we’re in England, the top tip was always going to be related to weather. As we all know, and have it drummed in to us from about the age of 4 ‘you can never rely on the English weather’. You need to have a plan A for the best case scenario and a plan B for if everything goes to pot weather wise. Preferably ensure that plan B is quickly implementable.
  2. Lighting, striking the balance is more difficult in Summer as it stays light for longer and longer. If you are partying in to the early hours of the morning, you can however assume that it will be dark. Candles are a perfect option as they also provide a bit of warmth in the early hours, they are easily moveable so they don’t have to be out at the start of the party. You can pretty much find a candle for every occasion, just ask my candle drawer.
  3. Don’t put any unnecessary strain on yourself. You have two options here: One hire a fantastic party planner such as Jane Clynes Events (see what I did there?), there is no easier way to lessen the stress of a party by leaving it in the capable and creative hands of a party planner. Orr…if you really have to do it yourself (a foolish option really), don’t go overboard with every kind of salad known to man, I promise no one will cry if you don’t provide a red pesto and aubergine salad. I made that up, I have no idea what kind of salads there are, I’m more of a burger and chips kind of girl. On a serious level, you don’t want to be so exhausted from all the prep work that you can’t think of anything better then going to bed as your guests arrive.
  4. Cocktails are the way forward. That isn’t just because I have an unreal love for cocktails but because spending your night playing bar host is no fun. Make up a batch of two or three cocktails and your guests can help themselves. The perfect way to do this is using a large drinks dispenser such as the 8 litre Kilner jar. It also looks stunning filled with fruit etc. and doubles as a centre piece. Obviously you will need to by other drinks in but keep it simple with bottled beer and wine. 
  5. Playlist, my personal opinion that it is your party and therefore your music choice. However, after an hour of S Club 7, Steps and Busted, my friends may disagree. If music definitely isn’t your thing ask a friend in the know to put a playlist together or Spotify has a great range of ready made party playlists for every occasion.


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