Beccy Blogs – Is the tassel worth the hassle?



First off, I’d like to point out that I thought I had been the true definition of a creative genius with that title, but after a quick google it turns out that I’ve probably just heard it somewhere before.

When you tell people you are off to do a degree in Events Management, the usual response is ‘oh…right’ or ‘your going to uni to be a party planner?’ or for the more blunt among my friends ‘right, so your off on a 3 year lark’.

Events Management courses are growing in number year on year, with a boom in the last decade, but is it worth it? Truth is that yes, you can go in to event management without a degree and be successful but for what it is worth, just by simply going to uni, I have learnt a wealth of life skills that I would never of learnt by staying at home. However, prior to going to uni, the majority of my Google searches were along the lines of ‘is an events management degree worth it?’ due to its reputation as a Mickey mouse course.

Are we fighting a loosing battle? 

The degree itself covers a broad range of topics focussing mainly on project management and logistics. Therefore lending itself as more of a business degree than anything. However, universities will often not recognise it as such and put it in with the Hospitality and Tourism department rather than the business school, which is a kick in the teeth from the word go. Now, this broad range of topics has it’s pros and cons:

Pro’s: if in another 2 years time I get out and decide that Events Management is not where I want to be, then I have a good chance of getting in to a different job as there are lots of transferable skills and modules.

Con’s: Does it truely give those that want to go in to Events Management all the skills they need? After nearly a year on placement now, I can officially say the only thing I have really used from my first year is the risk assesment  I did as one of my assesments.

It’s all about the experience! (sung in your head to ‘It’s All About the Money – Jessie J’)

One thing that is unanimous (spelt that right first time!) among all of my google searches is that the thing that makes your degree worthwile is all the practical experience you get along with it, wether that be on your placement year or through volunteering whilst studying. The opportunities that open up to you through the university are incredible, you’d be in the minority if you couldn’t find work experience that you were interested in.

Given my time again, would I come to university and study Events Management, probably. A lot of it is all about the people you meet along the way both professionally and in your personal life.


B x




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