Beccy Blogs – Sunburnt and now Sunless

Morning All,

The usual morning routine was resumed on Monday and today is no different. The sun is definitely not shining. For my dedicated blog readers, you’ll currently know what I look like sat at my desk this morning when I tell you that it was definitely a 9:30 get up kind of day.

I’m back from 2 weeks holiday, the latter week I spent in the sunbathing position with a cocktail in each hand in Lanzarote. Just a tip for anyone planning to go, it may be windy but the sun is still very strong, my legs and nose learnt the hard day on day one.

So, back at Jane Clynes Headquarters with a coffee stronger then my desire to sleep. Hitting the ground running and flitting around working on a number of projects at the same time. I am no longer back in my holiday dream land where all I had to worry about was which cocktail I was going to have next, instead I have spent the morning fine tuning a new skill of decapitating people via the means of photoshop (here’s one I prepared earlier, the skills are still in the early stages). You will all have to wait with baited breath to see what I am doing with all of these heads. FYI, this technique is very good for getting rid of a double chin and the holiday humidity frizz. If any of you have caught on by now, I am seeing how many times I can mention the word holiday.


Today, we have also looked at upping our presence on social media so please take a little nosey at Jane Clynes Events Facebook page and give us a like for updates on our latest news. To be honest if you are able to waste your time reading this blog then what harm is going to be done by liking our page??

TTFN, Beccy xx







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