Beccy Blogs: A day in the life…

Hi All,

Welcome to another instalment of Beccy Blogs, it’s not a regular blog and that’s not because I’m forgetful, it’s just because I like to keep an element of surprise about my blog. When I decide/suggested by Jane that I actually write a blog post, I find it difficult to know what to write that is going to be interesting. So today, I have decided not to be interesting, I am simply going to tell you about a normal day in the life of ME!

8:30 – My first alarm goes off, if I get out of bed now I can wash, dry and straighten my hair, do my face and look presentable.

9:00 – Second alarm goes off, if I get out of bed now I can probably dry shampoo my hair and straighten it and rock a slightly scary look and rub a bit of foundation on and a slick of mascara.

9:15 – Third alarm goes off, well to be honest, if I haven’t got out of bed now then I’m probably not going to until I absolutely have to.

9:25 – My fourth alarm goes off to give me a 5 minute warning of that I absolutely have to get out of bed


9:30 – Roll out of bed, look in the mirror and realise that I really did need to get up at 8:30. Dry shampoo my hair until its practically white. Run around frantically asking myself why I couldn’t have just put my bloody hair brush back in the draw yesterday. Find hair brush. Plead with my hair to do something that resembles professional. Settle for a messy bun. Get dressed, brush teeth blah de blah de blah. Dump hair brush in a place so that I will absolutely not be able to find it tomorrow.

9:40 – Attempt 1 to leave the house, grab my keys, make up bag (it’s going to have to be done whilst I’m sat at the traffic lights). Run out of the front door, spend 5 minutes trying to lock it, get to my car and realise I’ve forgotten my hand bag. Swear repeatedly. Run back inside, find where I dumped my bag last night.

9:45 -Actually leave the house, get in the car and sit at the first set of traffic lights for an eternity and try to do my face. Dance like Beyonce to the radio. Get masscara in my eye and cry. Rummage round the car for an old receipt or sweet wrapper to fix my make up.

9:59 – Arrive at Jane’s house looking all calm and composed like I have had the most relaxed and stress free morning in the world. Apart from that fact I look like Hagrid who has had a rough life. I make a coffee for me and Jane, inevitably spill it all across her immaculate kitchen, make a feeble attempt to mop it up. Now the day begins.

10:10 – Spark up the laptop and catch up with Jane on the latest gossip and drama that has perhaps happened over night. Check my emails for anything interesting and update any relevant spreadsheet with the information received. Sit down with Jane and come up with a plan of action for the day and things that need to get down. Plough through the jobs, if we have any meetings in the day we need to get everything done before we go.

2:00 If we have any meetings it is usually around this time, I pack up and get to the bottom of the stairs, look in the floor length mirror and despair that I didn’t get out of bed earlier. Leave the house with Jane and pray that I don’t meet that man of my dreams on our travels.

4:00 We are usually done for the day, we might have an evening meeting but I usually meet Jane there

4:15 Home! Get straight in to one set of my variety of ugly fluffy pyjamas. Make a brew and settle in for the night.

Then repeat the following day…

Hope you have managed to waste 5 minutes of your day reading this ever so stimulating blog, next time I will make a conscious effort to have a brilliant blog for you to gawp in awe about.

TTFN Beccy x



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