Beccy Blogs – Counting Down Til Christmas


That is about as perky as you are going to get from me this morning. Last night was the LJWB Pride Awards and we had a breakfast meeting this morning. Although, I am feeling rather conned as there was no actual breakfast, like, really a croissant wouldn’t have gone a miss. I am not at all a morning person and it is safe to say that my concealer is working double time today!

The Pride Awards was a wonderful occasion and a real feel good night. As an outsider to the community it was really lovely to see what amazing work people do. I have never seen community spirit like the North Leeds Jewish Community, it is truly wonderful. It will be no surprise to people that know me that I definitely had a little cry at a few of the videos!



Photo Credit to Camilla Toner – Our fabulously flamboyant (or flammable – either way) feathery table decorations


The Room Mid Set-Up

We are in the countdown to Christmas now, as I finish on Friday (Hurrah!). There is still plenty to do so I am squeezing in a quick blog while we are on the move. With the Pride Awards being our last event of the year, we are already working on a lot of our projects for the New Year.

Strictly the Laughter Factor is only a few days after I get back to work after Christmas so there is lots of preparations going on. It is set to be a fantastic night with a 4laughal Feast – (see what we did there ;)) the hummus and pitta is lovely so really, thats the bit I’m looking forward to. The jokers of course will be fabulous as well.

It is difficult to know what to write on these blogs so if anyone has any recommendations on what the next wittering on could be about then drop us a comment!

TTFN and have a magnificent Christmas!

Beccy x




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