Milly, blog 3

Blog Three

And breathe…

It’s been a stressful week, only to get worse, no body warned me University would be this hard!!

On a brighter note I only have a week and a half until me and CJ (the hamster) are home for Christmas! Christmas is family time! Food, fun and presents! I may be 21 but I’m never too old for presents… My Mam always goes wild, the old ‘you’re not getting anything this year’ is repeated every December but we know she’s fibbing, she just can’t help herself!


I’m in with Jane more this week than I have been for a while, it’s the Pride Awards Dinner on Sunday so preparing the decorations and PowerPoint for that! Exciting stuff! Jane pretends not to be stressed out but she is! To make a good events manager I think you need to be a little frantic once in a while! Keeps the energy levels! She certainly keeps mine and Beccy’s energy levels high!

I’ve started a new book this week, ‘How to be a Woman’… yes I know what you’re thinking, but it is an amazing book! I can’t put it down, it’s hilarious yet every woman can relate to the problems she is having in her life! Highly recommending this book to any lady wanting a laugh while sipping hot chocolate under the duvets on a cold winter night.

Today I’ve been out with my new camera!! I used to love doing photography, forgot how much I enjoyed it! If anyone is feeling stressed or bored I highly recommend going out with a camera alone and just taking in the scenery. My first edit bellow in 2 years

DSC_0096 Edit 1

You’ll hear from me soon! No doubt with more photos 🙂
Milly x


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