Beccy Blogs

How exciting, Jane has given me access to her blog woohoo!!

I am back at work on a drizzly Tuesday and getting out of bed was not easy this morning after a lovely week of lie-ins on my week off! Yesterday, although awful to get out of bed for, is my favourite day of the week because we start with a catch up over the coffee and an action plan for the week, also Milly is in so I don’t talk Jane’s ear off, she gets a break for the day.

I very much enjoyed my week off but I am looking forward to getting back in to the routine and of course I have missed Jane terribly. On the upside we are on the countdown to christmas now, the christmas decorations are up in my student house and it is all very festive! Ooh and remember the first door of your advent calendar today!

On my week off I ended up going in to work with my Mum, who is a teacher, to do all of her display boards for a new theme of work. As much as I love going in occasionally to help her, it definitely makes me realise I am pursuing the career that I love and is right for me.

This week we are working on a few bits and bobs for projects before christmas and in the new year.

Watch this space!

Beccy x


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