My First Blog – Camilla

Back To Leeds


Back to work I go, after 3 months off from working for Jane and Uni it’s finally time to return. I have had an amazing summer! Seeing everyone from home again and 2 holidays isn’t something you can complain about!



It’s 10AM on a Monday morning, the weather is opposite to my photo above and Jane’s just returned from Spain, lucky thing! Being back in Jane’s office is pretty exciting, I’m working with Jane and Becky today and already we’ve managed to catch up over a cup of tea. Moving back to Leeds for University is fab! Me and my friend just got ourselves the cutest little house to rent for the year! Back to the student living, no money, no food, yet somehow plenty of nights out.


My second year of University I was meant to go out on placement, I’ve only just taught myself how to handle my work load and work to a time schedule! To me this sounded crazy. After working for Jane at events a couple of times she’d suggested that I fast track and work alongside her at the same time! This was definitely the best decision for me, I’m getting plenty of hands on work experience while getting a degree in Business and Events! I LOVE IT!



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