Blogging with Fern – 9


Back to work & being organisied…

I have had the best time on holiday. You think two weeks is long enough but when your there it defiantly is not!

2 weeks can fly by, there are not enough hours in a day!

Having 2 weeks off can make you loose your work mode, so getting back into it can be so difficult.

In events you constantly have to arrange meetings with various different people to keep on top of what needs doing in order to make an event run smoothly and not miss anything out.


When you arrange a second, third or fourth meeting you think 2 weeks is long enough but that 2 weeks flies by. 

You have to make sure from the previous meeting you have everything prepared for the next one because like me, I use to be up until midnight the night before trying to get everything ready for the next day.

Now I have learnt working in events you cannot be lazy!! You have to be on the ball, being prepared what might be thrown at you next!

Organisational Skills

They key is to be more organised and get the work done immediately. It creates a lot less worry and stress. TRUST ME!


This picture above does make me laugh! I swear stress creates a lot of problems. 

Also if you get your work done like your mum always use to say then you can chill out. In my case if I get my work done I can party at the weekend. Having something to look forward to will always motivate you!



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