Just A Little Quiz



How many of us like to do a quiz? I always remember reading Jackie and going straight to the quiz.


Here is a little fun for people out there who have their own business and want to find out how happy their interns or employees are? I believe this can really help build a working relationship and help communication between one another.


Here goes;


Here are Fern’s answers to 3 important questions…

On a scale on 1-10 how happy are you?



Give me 2 advantages of working for me?

1. Learn’t new skills and overcome my fear of phoning people.

2. Being able to meet lots of new people who are extrememly passionate about working and socializing. It gives me so much motivation!

Give me 2 disadvantages of working for me?

1. Well this is tough but the first would be that I have to drive to Leeds and it wastes petrol!

2. Let me think about this one…. well I don’t like doing admin, would much rather be meeting new people. BUT this is life and everywhere you work you have to sit at a computer. I do have to say Jane tries to avoid doing admin as much as possible.

Hope you enjoyed that!

You can actually ask yourself those questions and see if the positives outweigh the negatives.

Would love you to share your answers with us.

Listening to advantages and disadvantages can resolve issues and make the work place a much happier lively place! I like a lively work place as you know I am a very bubbly person.

If we all work together we will be much more productive.


Tip for the day

Get all the admin done in the morning and then you are free to enjoy meetings etc in the afternoon.


Thought for the day

Play hard, work hard


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