It’s important to celebrate what ever the occasion. Big or small let’s have fun.


Some of the most enjoyable times are sat round a table with family and friends, laughing, drinking and eating. I particularly enjoy the atmosphere and the ambience at home whether it is at ours or at friends. Any opportunity to party and have fun! I suppose it’s a good job I do events.

I find it easier to entertain bigger numbers rather than fine dinning. I am not very good at following recopies and prefer to have my own style of all fresco dining. Tasty food is the key especially when people are drinking! I prefer to make a few dishes rather than loads of different selections.


Here’s a tip for quantities, imagine your plate with an amount of everything you are making and you will cater the right amount. People can only eat so much. I can’t bear being over faced by food. It’s all about the presentation and it’s important to me to have fab dishes and the table to be laid beautifully.


I look at what I am doing and then sort of theme it whether it be for 6 or 60 or for Jane Clynes Events. I can get very OCD and like things just so. Bows are a big problem to me they have to be tied correctly.

Table decorations



Here is my last supper, what’s yours?

No starter

Grillade – Cote de boeuf – but have to chew the bones!




A fabulous selection of cheeses and French bread

All washed down with very cold white wine!!!!!


Ooh yummy


Tip for the day

Celebrate everything

Enjoy life

Thought for the day

I`m Hungry, but trying to diet!!!!!


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