Blogging with Fern – 8


Tanning it up in Saint Tropez! The weather is just glorious here in the South of France. I hear there is a few celebrities out here at the moment, I will have to get my binoculars out! 

Saint tropez

When your on holiday the days go by so quickly, its already been a week and it only feels like a few days! Its a good job we have come for 2 weeks, could do 3 weeks but you have to go back to reality eventually. 

I was thinking this morning about festivals as there is a festival in cannes tonight with David Guetta playing live. I have to say I love to go see him, the festivals here must be very luxurious! ALTHOUGH the heat must be awful!! 

David Guetta

I have already burnt once already. Need to get the suntan cream lotion on! 

I would love be to able to organise an event in another country although the different languages could become a problem but I would love the challenge! May be able to learn a new language on the way haha.

There is so much money in Saint Tropez and putting on a Event would have to be spectacular and luxurious, maybe something on a super yacht.


Maybe one day I might get the chance to work on Events like weddings and parties abroad!




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