Guest Blogger … Jonny Ross

5 ways to get your event seen on social media.


This week we are very proud to bring you a guest blog from Leeds based SEO and Social Media expert Jonny Ross, of Jonny Ross Consultancy. He looks at how Social Media can help get your event seen and heard about. 

So you have the date set, the venue and speakers booked and now you need to get out there and gain maximum attendance to your event. Whether it is a conference or an exhibition there are some great ways of promoting your event via your social media channels. After all as much marketing as you can do and at minimal cost is worth looking at.

Create a facebook event.

By creating an event on facebook you are basically allowing an online invitation to be shared with not only your followers and friends but those that like you too. Facebook events extend far beyond the reach of just you and your fan page so make sure you have good visual cover art and a catchy Tagline. 


You can link the page to event ticket sales or why not try using eventbrite? Once someone has purchased a ticket Eventbrite asks them if they want to share the event on Facebook and Twitter. Worth the set up (which is free) for that extended reach, right?

Having a designated webpage.

Leading on from a facebook event you really should consider having a designated page on your web site to your event, especially if it will be a regular occurrence. On this page you can highlight the speakers, agenda and any upcoming news. Why not think about having an event blog into the lead up so that you have regular content updates that are welcoming to your readers but helping your SEO too.


Blogging and Competitions.

What kind of event are you holding? Can you use the local media or bloggers to leverage your position? Offer local bloggers or popular websites free entry for a review. Or maybe they could host a competition to win tickets to your event. Either way leverage online is free and it is worth the consideration of how far your reach will be if supported by the right people online.

Another good way to gain more exposure is to ask your speakers or exhibitors to write for your website as part of your media plan. They may ask to donate their time of a product as way of gaining new followers too.

Think outside the box.

YoutubeCan you host and share a video? Making a short ad to go onto You Tube that can be shared by you, attendees, speakers or exhibitors is another way that you can use your call to action. Think about it sensibly though whilst also injecting a bit of fun. Don’t forget you can send everyone this link embedded on a blog post, newsletter and Facebook pages ready for others to spread it too.

Google Ads

You want your event to pop up as people use your search terms? Then spend a little of your budget on using google ads. With the rest of my options being free in ££ but not on time this last option switches it around a little. It can be highly effective without being time consuming but you do need to get your keywords spot on before going ahead.

How have you used social media to spread the word about your event? Have you used a innovative way of publicising your event?


Jonny Ross

Jonny Ross is the Director of Jonny Ross Consultancy, a website development, SEO, Social Media agency that specialises in digital and social media services and training.


Or why not use something new and invite people to themed google hangouts prior to your event? Film them and then stream to your you tube channel.


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