About Me…

Jane Clynes Events has been an established organization for over 9 years having organized and managed events such as weddings, private functions, bar mitzvahs for years at the highest standard.


Jane Clynes has a real love for making everyone’s   occasion special and making their dream event come true. Jane is known to have a creative flair and this allows the event to be at the highest quality. Jane’s care for detail and reliable contractors ensures your special occasion, whether it is a wedding, Barmitzvah or engagement party, is one that you will never forget. Jane’s organization and professionalism allows the client to put their trust in Jane as she is a leading event organizer in the Yorkshire region.

 Organising your special occasion can be hectic, chaotic and stressful. With the help of Jane Clynes you can take all the worries out of planning your big day and instead enjoy being part of the special occasion without being stressed. Jane can take the stress out of the planning process, helping to create a day to remember.

Blogging with me 

How exciting I have wanted to have a blog for ages and think this is the ideal time for Jane Clynes Events to start to bring together all the different ideas, concepts, styles etc into what goes into making a successful function or event.

Throughout the years Jane Clynes Events has been fortunate to be involved in all types of work, from the very big to the intimate, to corporate work and exhibitions to private bespoke parties and then the charity events which are massive productions, WeddingsBarmitzvahs and Batmitzvahs all contribute to make our work varied and exciting. Jane Clynes Events wants to share some of the fun and excitement together with the trils and tribulations! Obviously we wont be sharing any info on private clients – we are professional and remain discreet at all times.  

Jane Clynes

We want you to be involved and contribute by asking us questions, anything you would like to know, advice we can give. We always think its interesting to hear from other people and each month we will have at least one guest blogger to share their thoughts with us. See our calendar to find out who will be joining us.

Jane will be regularly blogging, Fern who is on a years placement position at Jane Clynes Events will be contributing her thoughts from a fresh young mind and Simone will be adding through the looking glass…. in Manchester. Simone always has plenty to say!

Not only am I excited to get into blogging I also have a Facebook Page set up and a Twitter page for Jane Clyne Events that Fern help set up. On my Blog I have links to take you directly to my Facebook and Twitter. Go have a look as I will be keeping you posted about my day to day life routines working in the Event industry. Go have a nosey you might find some things funny!!!


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